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Completely furnished apartments with individual furnishings are getting more and more popular, not Serviced Apartmentonly amongst business travelers. Additional services ensure the desired high comfort. The niche market of renting serviced apartments is growing and expanding in popular business destinations.

Launch of City Apartments Frankfurt

After a busy time finishing up the renovation and furnishing of our new serviced apartments in Frankfurt am Main, we prouldy present our new apartments!

5 MUST SEE English Cinemas in Vienna!

You are living in Vienna and would like to go to a local cinema to see a new movie? But there’s only one problem: you don’t speak German. As the German-speaking-countries dub their movies, which were originally recorded in a foreign language, that might be a problem. (Dubbing is not common everywhere, but here we are used to that ;) ) But you don’t have to worry – there are also some English cinemas in Vienna!

Photo by dreafrei on flickr

The Vienna Tourist Board, as a member of the World Tourism Cities Federation, is a conference with a positive outlook that reflects well on the Austrian capital of Vienna. Even niche markets, such as the rental of serviced apartments are benefiting and growing as a result of tourism.

The competition is over - thank you all for joining!

Photo by Karl Heinz Laube | pixelio.deFor nearly two months we had a competition running, where you could win a weekend in a vie

Image by Yaisog Bonegnasher, licenced under CC BY-SA 2.0

Vienna is known to be on top of many international rankings. For the past three years, the Mercer Study repeatedly awarded the Austrian capital as the city with the highest quality of life in the world. During the ranking for "The Top 10 Smart Cities on the planet" Vienna was consequently named the smartest city in the world. Being an innovative city with much potential, Vienna is also becoming more and more interesting for tourism and international business companies.

Attention corporate clients!

11.04.2012 / Vienna
viennaresidence business apartments

Attention corporate clients! How you profit during a cooperation with viennaresidence – business rental apartments

The term of serviced apartments could only establish for a short time and was long unknown. It describes a fully equipped apartment, which is rent for a short or long term stay whereat additional services like chauffeur services, errands or cleaning are offered.
Who doesn’t want to dispense with the comfort of a hotel, but at the same time doesn’t want to stay permanent as a hotel guest, is on the right path in contacting renters of those serviced apartments.

Foto: Petra Stadler

In the middle of the heart of Austria’s capital city international air was spread on that Saturday evening. viennaresidence, the rental apartment agency, invited for a comfortable get-together in one of their 350 high-class business and luxury apartments. Traditional Columbian cuisine surprised the guests, amongst others also Christine Kaufmann, who spend her stay in one of the agency’s serviced apartments.

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