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5 MUST SEE English Cinemas in Vienna!

You are living in Vienna and would like to go to a local cinema to see a new movie? But there’s only one problem: you don’t speak German. As the German-speaking-countries dub their movies, which were originally recorded in a foreign language, that might be a problem. (Dubbing is not common everywhere, but here we are used to that ;) ) But you don’t have to worry – there are also some English cinemas in Vienna!

© Viennale Austria’s most important and oldest international film event celebrates its 50th anniversary this year of 2012. Founded in 1960, the Viennale has been showing 49 editions, presenting special and unique movies from Austria and the globe. This year the festival takes place for the 50th time, starting today until November 7.

Important Apps for Vienna - Part One

You are new in Vienna, or in the city for a few days and didn’t buy a travel guide or a map? Or you’ve been living here since a little while but did not explore the whole city yet? Don’t worry there are some very interesting and helpful apps informing you about Vienna and its sights, local tips and public transport.

The famous open-air-cinemas are in the meantime part of Vienna’s summer. Every year they attract with a variety of movies thousands of visitors, to sit in front of a big screen in the open.

Vienna’s diversity of theatres

 Reinhard WernerVienna offers more than 160 theatres, from the big traditional ones over the small stages, on which independent groups show their inspirations and creative potential.

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