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viennaresidence.comWe are welcoming the winners of our competition with coffee and Sachertorte in Vienna. Daniela and Johannes spent a wonderful weekend in the viennaresidence luxury apartment next to the Vienna Opera.

The competition is over - thank you all for joining!

Photo by Karl Heinz Laube | pixelio.deFor nearly two months we had a competition running, where you could win a weekend in a vie

Luxury Apartment in Vienna With the luxury apartments from viennaresidence you reside in an extravagant apartment or in a stylish studio. Our residences are located in the best areas of Vienna, Austria.

All in all, you were twittering and posting our competition diligently for three weeks. We are proud of our new 418 fans on Facebook and our 239 followers on Twitter. Thank you very much for participating and getting connected with viennaresidene – business rental apartments!

Win a luxury stay in Vienna

viennaresidence competitionviennaresidence – business rental apartments wants to invite you to spend one weekend in Vienna! You can win a two night stay in one of our luxury apartments in the middle of Vienna’s heart.

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