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Bike Year 2013 – urban cycling in Vienna

2013 has been announced as the Bike Year in Vienna, Austria. There will be some events taking place, like the Velo-City Conference, including services and tips for the mobile residents in the city. Go, get on your bike and enjoy the routes through Austria’s capital city.

Ice skating in Vienna 2013

EyeOTBeholder on flickrThere are many ice skating places, both indoor and outdoor, in Vienna with different offers and highlights. You can find a diversifying selection of winter sport activies within the city limits. So, go outside and enjoy the rest of this year’s winter time!

The three most amazing ice skating places in Vienna

© staedte-reisen.deThe eastern part of Austria is still waiting for snow and the real winter. But although it has about plus six degrees outside, there are some possibilities of practicing winter sport activities, like ice skating.

Vienna City Marathon 2011

Picture by Wolfgang H. WögererThe month April is totally in terms of running and sports.

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