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Public Transport, Car or Bike - Find your Way through Vienna!

Just moved to Vienna, but no idea how to get around? Well, there are many ways to strive through this amazing city. Whether you prefer public transport or going on your own by car or bike, Vienna offers a load of transport possibilities.


(c)  Ian YVR

1.       Public Transport: Like most metropolitan cities, Vienna offers a big subway- and bus-system, connecting all important spots of the city. But the real Viennese flair, you get by using the tram. The Viennese tram exists since 1865, where the first horse tramway line was established. Followed by the first steam tramway 1883 and finally by the first electric tramway 1897. Today, especially the Vienna Ring Tram, with international announcements and monitors for touristic information, is still not only a great way for public transport, but a wonderful chance to explore all the momentous and unique buildings on the Ring. 


(c) ell brown

2.       Car sharing: Another way to make your way through Vienna is of course by car. If you are staying in Vienna temporarily and don’t have an own car, car sharing might be the perfect option for you. Companies like CarSharing or car2go offer a modern and easy concept for people with a temporary need of a car. Register, find a car online or via app, open it with your membership card and go! You pay according to your driven time or kilometer and return the car to the original CarSharing location or, with car2go, on any legal public parking space in the central business district.


(c)  In_Zukunft_Wien3.       City Bike: The newest hype in Vienna are the Citybikes. A great way to explore the city, especially in the summer time. To become a Citybiker you have to register for one Euro via the internet,, or at the Citybike terminal. For registration you either need a Citybike card, an Austrian ATM card or a credit card, with which you can rent a bike as often you want. The first hour of the rental is for free, for the next hours you pay a fee, ranging from one to four Euros an hour. You can return the bike at any Citybike terminal. An easy and fast way to get around, see the city with all its flair and charm up close and, in addition to this, keep yourself in shape.


So if you prefer to just relax in the subway or tram, make your own Viennese traffic experiences or want to do a little workout and see the city up close on the bike, Vienna offers a great choice of transport possibilities for every taste and need. And if you have a little time, the best way to explore this great city is still by walking through the romantic streets and places of Vienna.

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