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A Luxury Weekend in Vienna - Welcoming our Winners!

A Luxury Weekend in Vienna - Welcoming the Winners of our Competition with Coffee and Sachertorte

viennaresidence.comIn August 2012 we ran a competition, where you could win a luxury weekend in Vienna, Austria. All you had to do was to answer one question and share it via Facebook, Twitter or Google+. After two months we announced a lucky winner, according to the random principle: Daniela Berchtold! On May 3, 2013 we warmly welcomed Daniela and her boyfriend Johannes in Vienna.

Daniela participated the competition via Facebook and I can remember when we contacted her about the win - she was so excited and happy. She is writing a Blog too, about her winnings and it looks like she is quite a lucky woman JSo we invited Daniela and Johannes, who are having a little daughter, to spend a weekend in one of our luxury apartments in the Danube Metropolis of Vienna.
I was waiting with our cameraman Christoph Hornak on the platforms of the train station Wien viennaresidence.comMeidling, with a self-made welcome sign to welcome both of them. Also a taxi was ready to pick us up and bring us to their home for the weekend, a luxury apartment in Vienna’s historic first district, right next to the famous Opera on the Ringstrasse.

showed Daniela and her boyfriend their apartment and both of them were very Serviced Apartment Viennaimpressed. A 62 square meters big apartment, modern and high class furnished and completely equipped with everything you need. Exclusive selected furnishings give the apartment a unique touch. After arranging the formalities with the keys and so on, we did a little interview and I asked them a few questions.


viennaresidence: Where do you come from?
Daniela and Johannes: We are coming from Vorarlberg, or rather from Dornbirn. But we spent two days in Budapest, before we came here to Vienna.

v: How were your days in Budapest and how did you like the city?
D + J: We like Budapest, but not as much as Vienna. We spent the days with shopping, relaxing on the Danube, visiting some friends. We were lucky with the weather and there was the RedBull Air Race during our stay. So we had a nice time there.

v: Have you been to Vienna before?
D + J: Yes we’ve been here a few times and know the city quite good, as also some of our friends live here. We use this as a chance to come to the city every now and then.

v: What are your plans for your stay in Vienna?
D + J: Well, we’ll take a walk through the city centre, as we live so close now and go out to eat sushi at SOYA, that’s our favourite Sushi restaurant here in Vienna. We’ll meet some friends and will just enjoy a relaxed weekend in the city.

v: How do you know viennaresidence | business rental apartments and how is your impression of the agency?
D + J: We got to know viennaresidence via Facebook and the competition you had running. As I’m writing a blog too, I took notice of your Blog and Facebook page. Our impression of the agency and your staff is really good, everything was fine from the beginning and the personal support was always very friendly and helpful.

v: About what are you writing on your Blog, Daniela?
D + J: I’m writing about competitions, joining them and if I win something, about the wins and experiences too. It makes fun and is a welcome change in our everyday life. Writing is one of my hobbies and it’s a nice activity next to a stressful daily schedule.

viennaresidence.comviennaresidence.comAfter our little chat I invited them to the Café Sacher Vienna, located between the Opera and the popular shopping street Kärntnerstrasse, as both of them never tried the original Sachertorte. There we enjoyed our coffee break and the diverse Vienna coffee house culture, including, of course, a piece of delicious Sachertorte.


Check out the Welcoming-Video here:

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