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Last Minute plans for Valentine’s Day!


Tomorrow on February 14 is Valentine’s Day – do you have special plans with your beloved ones? If not, we help you with some romantic suggestions, how you could spend the day in Vienna, for romantics, couples and singles.

 Birgit H., Torsten Klemm, Petra Bork, Grace Winter |


        The shops and shopwindows are full kitsch, red hearts, flowers and chocolate in February, what means Valentine’s Day is coming soon (tomorrow to express it more precisely). Here are some suggestions how you could turn tomorrow into a special day in Vienna.

        • You can start into Valentine’s Day with a delicious breakfast, either homemade or in a nice Viennese café, like Café Leopold in Museumsquartier or Deli on the popular Naschmarkt.
        • During the day you could go ice skating, for example on Vienna’s city hall square.
        • If you like it more romantic, visit the Schokomuseum and join the sweet workshop there, painting with chocolate  and other sweet ingredients. During the exiting tour you’ll get coddled with sparkling wine and an exquisite chocolates buffet.
        • For a more relaxing day, visit the Therme Wien where spa and wellness are awaiting you. To round off the evening you can book a candle light dinner in the restaurant there.
        • Another nice free time activity is a visit to one of Vienna’s unique repertory cinemas, like Filmcasino or Gartenbaukino, where they show special selected movies like Casablanca.
        • For a romantic dinner in the evening you can visit one of Vienna’s gourmet restaurants, like Le Loft where French elegance and haute cuisine get together on the 18th floor with an amazing view over the city. Or the Steirereck in the Stadtpark, that is on the list of the world’s 50 best restaurants.
        • Enjoy a drink afterwards in one of the Weinbars and Vinotheken in Vienna, like Wein & CoWeinbar Meinl am Graben or the Burgenland Vinothek, where you can try the best wines from  the popular wine area Burgenland.

         Rike | pixelio.deThese suggestions will make your Valentine’s Day very romantic and special. So, start planning and make your beloved ones happy! We wish you a happy Valentine’s Day!



        Photos: Top Left: Birgit H., Top right: Torsten Klemm, Bottom Left: Petra Bork, Bottom right: Grace Winter |
        Photo bottom: Rike |

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