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Bike Year 2013 – urban cycling in Vienna

2013 has been announced as the Bike Year in Vienna, Austria. There will be some events taking place, like the Velo-City Conference, including services and tips for the mobile residents in the city. Go, get on your bike and enjoy the routes through Austria’s capital city.

With the first rays of the sun and warmer temperatures the high season for cyclists starts. But cycling is possible 365 days a year and so, the Bike Year has been already heralded on New Year’s Eve. The city of Vienna wants to encourage its residents to go more by bike instead of using a car. To make this happen, there will be information events taking place, including some developments for the bike as a daily means of transportation in the city.

For example the Bike Navi, a smartphone-app, will be released in spring. With this it will be very easy for smartphone-users to find the best and fastest way to get by bike to their targeted destination. The free app can lead you via display or headphones and the handling is supposed to be quite easy. But there is also an analogue way, the bicycle map informs you about all bike routes in Vienna too.

The FahrRADhaus is going on tour from April until October, showing the people the advantages of bicycling. But they offer also courses how to repair your bike and a monthly bike flea market.

From 11 – 14 June 2013 the Velo-City Conference takes place in the Vienna City Hall. It’s the biggest international conference about the topic cycling where more than 1000 participants will be awaited. Its aim is to turn the city of Vienna into a Cycling-city.
Moreover the Radarena on the Vienna City Hall Square will happen during the same period of time, from 8 – 15 June, offering courses, workshops, food and drinks and also a bike-wash construction.

In May the Viennese population has the chance to bike for a good cause – ‘Radeln furs Leben’ donates money for each kilometer rode on your bike. Moreover also celebrities from society, sport or politics will join the Bike Year 2013.

In June the Bike-Film-Festival takes place and combines the cycling with Vienna’s cultural landscape. It’s a cultural highlight this year and the open-air–cinema takes place in the Sigmund-Freund-Park, next to the Votivchurch.
Another event highlight is the Bike-Fashion-Show, taking place on Vienna’s Karlsplatz on June 11 and 10. Popular fashion labels from Vienna will show their designs and how you can go by bike stylish and classy.

Dr. Klaus-Uwe Gerhardt | pixelio.deCycling plays an important role in the mobility strategy of Vienna and so, the city wants to encourage the Viennese population, raise awareness with the Bike Year 2013 and support urban cycling. This year Vienna will become the hotspot for cycling experts and enthusiasts.
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