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5 MUST SEE English Cinemas in Vienna!

You are living in Vienna and would like to go to a local cinema to see a new movie? But there’s only one problem: you don’t speak German. As the German-speaking-countries dub their movies, which were originally recorded in a foreign language, that might be a problem. (Dubbing is not common everywhere, but here we are used to that ;) ) But you don’t have to worry – there are also some English cinemas in Vienna! And some of the viennaresidence apartments are in walking distance from those movie theatres. Artis International– English Cinema in Vienna’s historic first district
This cinema belongs to Cineplexx and shows OV films as well as 3D Digital. The historic building as well as the characteristic furnishings and the smell of popcorn make the atmosphere special and unique.

Schultergasse 5, 1010 Wien – viennaresidence has more than 40 apartments for rent in Vienna’s first district, close to the English cinema Artis International.


2. Votiv Kino– an international cinema close to University Vienna Gnal on flickr
The Votiv Kino is a very popular English cinema in Vienna and mostly crowded – secure your seat yet today! It shows international English but also national German movies. Most movies are shown in original language with subtitles. Special offers are for example film & wine or the film breakfast, which are totally worth the experience.

Währinger Straße 12, 1090 Wien – our closest apartments in walking distance are located in the Garnisongasse, Piaristengasse and Wasagasse.


 Wahlander on flickr

3. Haydn Kino– English Cinema Haydn
The English cinema Haydn is located directly at the famous shopping street Mariahilferstrasse, close to the subway station U3 Neubaugasse. Besides the salty they also sell sweet popcorn – yummy ;) The Haydn screens mostly mainstream Hollywood films in their original language and offers three separate screens.

Mariahilferstrasse 57, 1060 Vienna – close to the English Cinema Haydn viennaresidence offers apartments for example in the Schottenfeldgasse or Gumpendorferstrasse.

 me_maya on flickr


4. Top Kino– a special mix in Gumpendorf
Café, Restaurant, Club and cinema – the Top Kino combines them all! The cinema offers mostly European films and documentaries - in original language and with subtitles. The trendy location holds also some film festivals during the year.

Rahlgasse 1/Theobaldgasse, 1060 Vienna – in the popular area of Gumpendorf we are renting furnished apartments on Linke Wienzeile and Gumpendorferstrasse for example.


 craXplore on flickr

5. Filmcasino– cinema in 50’s style
The history of the English Cinema Filmcasino goes back until 1911 and since a redesign in the 50s it is known for its classy 50s-style architecture. The Filmcasino shows European and Asian documentaries and short films, but also independent feature-length films from around the globe.

Margaretenstraße 78, 1050 Vienna – our Serviced apartments in the Margaretenstraße and Sandwirtgasse are the closest ones to the Filmcasino.


As you can see, Vienna offers some English cinemas that are a must see and totally worth the experience. If you are looking for an apartment for your stay in Vienna, some of our high-class Serviced Apartments are located in walking distance to Vienna’s best English cinemas. Welcome to Vienna and enjoy your stay!

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