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August 2011

Ice, Ice Baby - 4 ice cream parlours in Vienna

wild.deDuring these hottest days of the year, everyone’s seeking for some cooling-off. If you don’t have enough time to jump into the Danube, with delicious ice cream you will be able to stand the 37 degrees. Here are 4 of the of the best ice cream parlours in Vienna:

The traditional Viennese cuisine has many different delicacies to offer, think about the Schweinsbraten or wien.infoWiener Schnitzel, good and solid. Or something sweet, like the Kaiserschmarren or Apfelstrudel.

The famous open-air-cinemas are in the meantime part of Vienna’s summer. Every year they attract with a variety of movies thousands of visitors, to sit in front of a big screen in the open.

Cooling down in one of Vienna’s open air pools Austria’s capital city has a huge range of different open air pools. They offer the perfect facility to cooling down in the forthcoming hot summer.

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