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"Vienna International - International Vienna "- The city of Vienna is on course for success

03.12.2012 / Vienna

The Vienna Tourist Board, as a member of the World Tourism Cities Federation, is a conference with a positive outlook that reflects well on the Austrian capital of Vienna. Even niche markets, such as the rental of serviced apartments are benefiting and growing as a result of tourism.

In September 2012 the founding event of the World Tourism Cities Federation was held in Beijing, where the representatives of 47 different destinations participated. The aim of this association is to positively promote tourist development through knowledge sharing and collaboration between member cities. Among the tourism metropolis is also the Vienna Tourist Board which considerate the membership as an opportunity to expand and strengthen its cooperation. In addition to Vienna, the members of the WTCF include Los Angeles, Buenos Aires, Dubau, Shanghai, Beijing, and European cities such as Moscow, Berlin and Rome.[1]
Another important event organized by the Vienna Tourist Board, the City of Vienna and the Vienna tourism industry was the Tourism Conference in October 2012, which was titled "Vienna International - International Vienna?". The focuses of the event were the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and risks with the international tourism destination of Vienna. On the premises of MAK (Museum of Applied Arts) in Vienna, the internationality of the Austrian capital was the topic of discussion. Vienna's open-mindedness was highlighted as an important constitutive element.
The objectives of the Tourism Concept 2015 have already been partially achieved. The Vienna tourism industry has experienced successes already, for example, the industry ranks first with the Vienna card in the Europe-wide comparison. The ÖAMTC reviewed sixteen guest cards from all over Europe and Vienna emerged as the test winner. The guest card offers many benefits, such as discounts on museums, public transport and many other discounts that can be offered through participating partners. [2]
The concept of tourism makes an important contribution to the image imparted by Vienna as an international tourist destination. The focus placed on the following facets complete the image of Vienna: imperial heritage and historical monuments, music and cultural events, fine dining, an excellent urban infrastructure and a balance between urban and green space. A detailed list and description of the objectives can be found in the Concept of Tourism 2015.

Overnight stays grow after a record year in 2011 and during 2012 this unprecedented growth is likely to continue. Between January and August, 7.98 million overnight stays were registered, representing an increase of 7.5% over the previous year of 2011. There was a special increase in the number of guests coming from China, Brazil, Israel and Saudi Arabia. Additionally, The Congress of Vienna balance was more than positive. With the completion of the railway station in 2014, and the growth of the airport the international accessibility has improved. The economy will provide a boost to the Congress of Vienna. The opening of the new campus of the Vienna University of Economics is a positive development too for the city of Vienna.[3]
The favourable developments in the aforementioned areas have an impact on niche areas, such as the rental of serviced apartments for business travellers. The demand is rising steadily for studios and one-bedroom apartments. Additionally, the popularity of larger apartments with two bedrooms or more has grown substantially. This increase in growth of apartment rentals can be reported by the apartment rental agency, viennaresidence | business rental apartments. viennaresidence offers high quality furnished business and luxury apartments all over Vienna for both short and long stays. The niche market of serviced apartments is growing throughout Vienna.

The city of Vienna has been successful during 2012. It is likely that the city will continue to be successful and positive forecasts are hopeful that Vienna will have positive outcomes for the remainder of 2012. Also, forecasts for the years to come regarding Vienna's tourism industry are optimistic that growth will continue.

[3], Tourismus-balance 2011.


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